10 Elements of Professional Images by Award-Winning Photographer Mark Maryanovich

“Mark Maryanovich has been invited to review portfolios for our students. We sought Mr. Maryanovich’s expertise because he enjoys an elevated reputation as a photographer of tremendous skill and ability. We found that his real world experience as a successful and highly sought after photographer provided our students with a rare opportunity to learn from a master artist. We appreciate Mr. Maryanovich’s invaluable service.”
Dick van Damme Managing Director, The Photography Institute Pty. Ltd.

Mark conducted portfolio reviews for The Photography Institute, and the VanArts Media Arts School for Photography, and compiled 10 tips on elements that create professional Images

1. Wrinkle free, WASHED clothing (always make sure the clothes are clean and ironed before the Session)

2. Attention to the details (such as the absence of small distracting specs, and whitened eyes of the subjects) really add strength to an Image

3. The use of an eye light is extremely important to ensure that the subject’s eyes are the most prominent aspect of the photo

 4. Skin tones should be even

5. Colors, highlights, reflections, and contrast can really make a photo pop, and it’s nice when black and white tones work with the subject matter and mood

6. Horizon lines should be level

7. Composition is everything
7b. Cropping really helps

8. Use of a unique perspective. With cameras getting smaller and smaller these days, the ability to find interesting angles is easier, and can create a striking Image

  9. A subject that’s thinking loud always makes for a great photo

10. Knowing where the Image will ideally be used really helps in terms of subject placement during the shoot (e.g.: if shooting for a magazine cover, leave lots of room at the top and along the sides for text; if shooting for Instagram, compose for a square, a Facebook banner image lends itself to panoramic photos, etc.)

Henry Rollins closeup portrait on MM Magazine cover toned black and white polaroid negative

“As in life,
there's an
to every rule,

Black and white portrait rapper Kyprios arm outstretched fingers pointing at camera in closeup while standing against metal background wearing black hat

so BREAK them all
and see where
that gets you,
ya never know...

Black and white panoramic image five members Terraplane Sun band standing in front of wall with the word beautiful painted on it in script

It's been said,
PHOTO a day,
keeps the doctor
AWAY. 😎”