Flower Wall Décor and Botanical Wall Art Series | BELLE NOIR

The best Fine Art Photography Prints reflect the Viewer's Soul –
Even though you may be standing in the same place, where you are internally filters your perspective

"The BEAUTY and ELEGANCE of flowers FASCINATE me

The first flowers I photographed were commissioned by Linda Brooks for her book ORCHESTRA IN MY GARDEN
We captured her garden during different months throughout one year

This confirmed for me that TIME of SEASON and TIME of DAY create a completely different VISUAL FIELD,
even though you’re standing in the same place

 Linda’s PASSION showed me gardening as a METAPHOR for LIFE,
and how everything we need to learn from life could be learned from observing

Her connection to the earth and ‘groundednessINSPIRES me,
and taught me
LIFE LESSONS learned from digging deep, into both the interior and exterior fields" MM